Young Reality

There has been a rise in the number of teenagers who are getting into relationships at a very young age. This technology has been advantageous and also disadvantageous to our teenagers. Parents are now even more worried about what their thirteen or fourteen year old teenager is being exposed to especially with the introduction of android phones and social media.

Teenagers at this age are having a hard time choosing between studying or going to town with friends and taking selfies. I mean the pressure is too much for a specific age group to handle and that is why we are witnessing a rise in teenage suicides and pregnancy or even more kids being involved in crime, prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse in the name of being noticed or ‘cool’ as they describe it.

Social media will probably be the death of so many young people in the society. It is being integrated in almost everything. There has been a rise in the number of youths who wanna become instagram models (which is not a bad thing so long as it doesn’t harm you in any way)

So I went to my sister’s school which was hosting a thanksgiving ceremony for the 2018 class eights who had performed exemplary. At first I was bored to death judging by how long the speeches were but things started getting interesting when this young girl came to the ceremony with her extremely good looking boyfriend (which I managed to gather from the number of times I followed them around) I mean this things tend to get really boring and a girl’s gotta be entertained right?

What amazed me the most was the lengths the girl was going just to get more people to notice her good looking boyfriend (I mean don’t even ask if my little sister did notice it, it’s true they guy is a bomb!!!!). Their entrance was not only one that attracted attention of all people around but for all the girls who were there celebrating their good performance.

At first I thought I’d leave judging by how bored I was but once you witness that kind of entrance my friend I couldn’t move an inch until I get information I needed to write this piece.

So I did what any normal reporter would do, I followed them around. I wasn’t that close at the venue but once the ceremony ended I followed them around. The girls who were awed by this little man kept making noise so that they could get noticed by someone who was pretty much so uncomfortable and looked like he wanted to just leave.

Every time he could try to talk his ‘bae’ to leave he would be hit with uh ‘home saa ii’ (which basically means she wasn’t into the whole leaving idea). At some point I was empathized with him because I get being an introvert in the midst of all this teenagers who are looking at you like they could eat you alive. You trying to talk to some but even your fellow guys fear you, I mean you got all the attention of the girls, they see you as competition.

In summary what I saw inspired me to talk to these teenagers out here. Life is not about having the coolest things in the world: a cool smart phone, trendy clothes, cool friends or being popular in school. You can have a little of all those and just be okay.

Do not look at some celebrities’ life and think that your life can be the same as theirs. I mean half of what you see on insta and facebook is fake or has been worked really hard for. There is no short cut to having all these good things in life you have to work hard for them.

It is at this teenage stage that you learn more about yourself and strive to just perfect what you really enjoy doing. It is good to focus on what is within you rather than what you see on social media…

Young love is nothing but an amazing experience; I mean you get to connect with someone and just practice being you around them but it shouldn’t go beyond that with them. Go out with them, talk about music, movies and shoes (you are young what else can you talk about) but don’t get intimate.

By intimacy I mean sex! There are so many types of intimacy. I did a survey on a number of young teenagers and I found out that one in four lost their virginity when they were really young (thirteen and fourteen), some are struggling with porn addiction or even sex addiction (God!!!! How did you get there?) And these numbers just keeps growing everyday.

Its time to stop looking at what’s happening and focus on what is inside you, your potential, purpose and happiness because no matter what you see out there, you are real and that is happiness enough…


2019, sort yourself out!

The start of 2018 came to me as a suprise. I mean I had just graduated and fresh in the job market. I had set some few goals here and there but I wasn’t expecting the year to end that quickly.

That fateful night I went to some free concert in town where I sang, shouted and prayed with other youths for the year to go great.

When the clock struck midnight I stood still and watched as fireworks lit up dark skies with different colours.

I remember telling myself that this year would be my year (stupid right?). That i would struggle to be a better version of myself for every one around me.

I had just started this relationship some months back so I was praying that it would blossom as the new year begun.

And I was praying so hard for a job that night. I was sick and tired of all the noise in my life. “Maybe if I get my own place it would be more quite.” I told myself.

So I called it a night after the fireworks and went home only to find my mum had locked the gate and was in church for the end of the year mass.

I remember how cold it was that night as I stood by the gate waiting for her. My favourite “mans not hot” jacket wasn’t doing much to prevent me from the hypothermia that was kicking in the more I stood there.

So I decided to call my best friend Benjie to come pick me up. Lucky enough he was still up and he rescued me.

To cut the long story short it begun well and saw me through the darkest moments of my life.

Moments that make me shiver every time I think of them.

If I could change anything in 2018 I’d say my attitude. You see how you react to problems determines how you’ll get out of them.

It wasn’t all bad though… I learned a lot about the importance of loving yourself and watching how you respond to problems.

So 2019, am not going to say all that bullshit of you are my year. I am going to do my part, ‘live a day at a time’ you can sort yourself out.

Living out of your skin

Have you ever felt like you are stuck inside yourself?Fear has crowded your judgement which has you into a shadow of who you think you are.

Outside you pose an image of a person who has it all figured out but inside you feel like you crashing down into pieces. Why are you easily distracted? Why can’t you focus on just one thing that will guide you to doors that will reveal a world that you see yourself in every single time you close your eyes.

You feel tired most of the time and to be honest you will keep feeling like this because you not doing anything about it

You need to get out, you need to press on, to be confident and build you into that person you want to be.

Hey you need to get out here now. Stop living the best days of your life inside yourself. No one will ever know who you are

That you see things differently that you are not as normal as they think you are. That you special☺.Come on let’s leave our best out here baby.

How a thirteen year old feels depressed.

I pretty much recall the last question my uncle asked me when i went to visit him, “how were you depressed at 13?”

And i responded with, “mmmh good question.”

How can a thirteen year old young girl be depressed. I mean it is at this age that you pretty much enjoy life, have friends and go on adventures.

But what if you battling depression and a bit of anxiety.

What if at that specific period you dont love yourself. You look at the mirror and you pretty much disgusted by what you see.

The woman who gave birth to you, sees the same thing or she is so focused in comparing you to other kids your age until you pretty much feel like you should be them.

Your dad on the other hand doesnt know how to help you. I mean he has never encountered a teen who doesnt love herself enough to wanna live another day. So he keeps giving you handouts on self esteem and love to read but all you need is to just talk to him, to tell him how you feel inside.

You keep looking at the people around you and you like, ‘how do they do that? How are they so pretty and so confident?’

Because in all your life you never known how to be those things, they are foreign and scary.

You look at them soar beyond their fears and it scares you just to think of yours.

You are a prisoner, the guard is asleep and you terrified to try and snatch the keys away from her so that you could set yourself free.

Funny thing about the guard is that she bears your face, you are your own prisoner!

One thing that was constant is that i kept finding people who were just like me, prisoners to their own fears and once i showed them mine they felt they were better than me.

They called me weak yet i found them trapped in their own weakness.

They said i take life too seriously yet they faced the same situations when they met other people.

They took advantage of a kind, shy little girl trying to be courageous, only to find themselves in the same situation they put her in.

You think ‘how does a 13 year old feel deppressed?’ I’ll tell you how…

Because she feels alone in her fears,

Because her mum told her how unworthy she is that she lives it everyday.

Because she has never had the courage to stand up and speak her mind.

Because she is being compared to other girls her age who are thought to better. So she is trying to live their lives which as we all know depresses you.

The only memory of what was good has disappeared.

She feels so many emotions and she cant speak about them because of the ridicule she faced while trying to tell someone about it.

She has to be a support system to her sibblings yet she has no idea how to hold all of them judging by how broken she feels.

She is alone in all of it

Thats how it all happened…

Why I want to meet God?

I wake up everyday craving to see You my creator,

I wish i could see your loving face and just be able to feel your embrace.

I have so many questions I’d love to ask you:

Why am I alive and here?

Why do i feel lonely and sad sometimes? How do I deal with these dark days?

I want to show you my darkest parts so that You can shed some light.

Finally, i can see things beyond this cloud of darkness around me.

You love me, as i am, teach me how to do the same.

I want you to stay with me, it is in you that i find true happiness and peace.

If i meet you today? I’d probably be fulfilled… All the answers i seek, i’ll find.

All my worries vanish

And all the pain will be extinguished.